Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Highland Christmas

By M. C. BeatonA series's, Hamish MacBeth Mystery

Glad I found this little book only 61 pages , it made a good read before bed time.

I will read more of the books.

A download from library to the e-reader.


Charlene said...

I always enjoy M.C. Beaton books as think she makes the charactors so interesting. Don't you enjoy checking out ebooks from the library. Happy Reading.

Patsy said...

I sure do Charlene, it is all most as good as having the village library close by,

Gigi Ann said...

I haven't heard of her books before, I will have to look into them. I read a short book on Friday. Sometimes I think it is nice to be able to start a book and finish it the same day.