Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Letters to Lori

I got a new e- book today
Letters to Lori
By Barbara League

Rachel over at Lawn Tea gave be a list of books to read
Went to Amazom  to get "Christy" by Catherine Marshall
Some how I downloaded this book --
Looks good so will read it then go back for other book.
I have really enjoyed this book !

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Anna And J.A. Our paths crossed many ways over the years

 My Great Grandmother was born in Lake Co. Tn
So was J.A. He will be buried in Lake Co with his mother and
father. I have family buried there also.
many cousins that did and still live there.

J.A.'s family lived there also you can bet they knew
the Berry's my kin.

J.A. was a Navy man he was stationed in Orange Texas in the 1950's 
so was I living there on the Navy base, at that sametime.
Fast forward to 1990's J.A. and Anna were living in Memphis so
was I. In 2005 we moved to Blytheville Arkansas to the old Military base
made in to a senior village. We moved in to the same duplex next door to
J.A. and Anna. Now in 2015 we live in the same senior complex in
Cordova Tn.
We love  Anna and will miss J.A. Life run us to gather in many ways.
J.A. passed from us this week. A World War II Veteran and retired Navy Man.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016