Monday, February 28, 2011

" Beethoven's Hair"
By Russell Martin
" An engrossing tale-- When, toward the end of the book, the author
writes of DNA test on the hair that reveal new answers to the causes of Beethoven's deafness
and death, even the skeptic will share his enthusiasm for this peculiar subject.
First class history, and a fascinating exposition of forensic science."( Kirkus reviews)
This book is a First Edition-- a gift Christmas 2000.
I love a good historical mystery.
A news paper clip from The Commercial Appeal 2001
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Leota's Garden"
By Francine Rivers
A very heart warming story of age and ageing.
Once Leota's garden was a place of beauty--where flowers bloomed and hope thrived.

By Ruth Gruber

If you enjoyed "The Hours After" you will like this true story. You can enlarge photo to read the cover.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The Hours After"
By Gerda Weissmann Klein and Kurt Klein
"These letters speak to the healing powers of love"
Germany May 7, 1945
This book was on a sell table 5.00
I liked reading this book it told so much about love and freedom.

Author Vince Flynn
His most exhilarating political thriller's to date, a pulse-pounding tale of espionage, covert
intelligence, and counter terrorism.
We read all of his books and "American Assassin" was his last book,
we are looking for his next book to come out.

Friday, February 25, 2011

"The Girl of The Limberlost"
By Gene Stratton Porter
Where in Elnora Comstock who collects moths to pay for her
education and lives the Golden Rule.
This is from childhood to adult and a book of many characters and life.
I did enjoy this book and think you will.
This book is from e-reader story cost $0.99
"Half Broke Horses"
By Jeannette Walls
Author's note's "I wrote this story in the first person because I wanted to capture lily's distinctive voice, which I clearly recall. At the time I didn't think of the book as fiction."
I liked this book very much.
From the e-reader store $ 9.99
Have a good day and read more life is short.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Miss Julia Renews Her Vows"
By Ann B. Ross
A series of books: Humor, Fiction
Some one has knocked Francine Pitts in the head---
Francine didn't see her attacker,
but she sure smelled her.
She recognized Etta Mae Wiggins perfume, Shania Tuain by Stetson.
It's up to Miss Julia to clear the air.
Funny and a delightful to read:
This was a download from our library to my e-reader.

The year of the Hare
By Arto Paasilinna
Humor ,Fiction
Suddenly realizing what is important in life (with the help of a bunny)
a man quits his job and heads to the country side in this internationally bestseller.
I enjoyed this very much and so did The Bennie, lots of oh My's and laughs.
This book was a download from our library to the e-reader.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Flight
By Mary R. Kowal
A science fiction fantasy
'Time Travel Society"
"It ensures that your future trips to my past are without incident,
and also will let my children know precisely when your first trip takes place in your present."
This was a short story just wish there had been more.
This was a free book from the E-Reader Store.
I will have to say I did not like this book, it was about murder at a Christmas Parade.
This was my first time to read a Donna Andrews book.
This book was a free one from E-Reader Store.

One of "The Mitford Series Books"
I did buy this book for 12.00 from the E-Reader StoreI wish these books will never end.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You got to love these books of Fannie Flagg's they are light, funny,happy
and you may know people just like these.
" Deep in the Southernmost part of Alabama, along the banks of a lazy winding river. Lies the sleepy little community known as Lost River, a place that time itself seems to have forgotten"

This is a great read too!I am waiting for her next new book.