Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Bennie and I went to our library Saturday for their book sale what fun. We both came way with lots of books and magazines
My Sony e-reader quit working, thank goodness we had insured it. Best Buy gave me a new nook color and it has so much more on it to play with.
This is one of the books I am about to read.(Shut Up And Sing)
By Laura Ingraham


Charlene said...

I love book sales...glad you like your Nook...have a great day.

Lynda said...

We are giving away free books in our church library right now - - - doing some weeding to make room for new titles.

Gigi Ann said...

We had a book sale in October at our local library, I didn't get to it, however, I donated a lot of the books I read in 2011 to them. The librarian asked if they could keep some for the library, since they were new books. I said I really didn't care. I figured if the library can use them, so be it.

I had always made it to the library sales before this year, but, got to busy and didn't have time to go this year. But, I figure there is always next year.