Monday, April 14, 2014

So Sad for Black and White to lose what they Died For It is their History

My Great Great Grandfather Was in the Mexican War and then came back to Giles Co. Tennessee ,and  married then  had my great grandmother (so Here I am now.)
When the  Civil War started he enrolled as a Union Soldier 9th day of Dec 1863.
He was sent to Fort Pillow .
I am writing this because now in Memphis Tennessee the news is full of stories to destroy
The Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest And his wife's grave.
They are calling it Racial Prejudice
It Was war and our history'

My Great great grandfather was white and was sent to Fort Pillow with his company to defend that post.
Bedford Forest attacked the fort, the entire garrison was either killed or taken prisoner.
Payton Alexander was marched to Andersonville Ga and died there of disease and dysentery.
The men black or white were there because they believed what they were doing was right.

So they lost but they were great Americans and Bedford Forest won and he was a great American.
Don't change history that they lived and died for.


Beth said...

An excellent post! I agree with you!

peggy said...

I believe that every element of the past, good and bad, should be kept "as is". How else do we learn. I hope this doesn't happen.

Simply Linda said...

I totally agree. Blessings

L. D. said...

We don't dig everybody back up out of the grave to scold them and tell them they were politically incorrect. People do make themselves seem foolish.

Weekend-Windup said...

Nice post!

Weekend-Windup said...
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Ginny said...

Why would they do such a thing? Progress? Remembering the past is more important.