Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Was Cleaning Out ( Up Date)

my sewing boxes and some of the things were my mothers 30 years ago.
(Frank said Grants has been closed 40 years. He worked for them.)
 Remember the T G&Y store   and Grants stores? 
 These electric scissors were made in Switzerland I don't remember mother using them
but they don't work now, we tried them. The snaps came from Grants.
 many buttons from Wal-Mart 67 cent and bought for 25 cents.
 Buttons from J H B International 67 cents
 lots of thread from T G & Y some still have the wrapper on them and  never been used.
By Loving Touch 100% nylon transparent thread  never opened 75 cents 
Do you think the thread is any good still? 

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Anonymous said...

I do remember these stores and loved browsing thru them. I imagine the thread is probably good.