Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt

 Hand quilting this is going to take some time.
 But that is what I have is time. Old age leaves you behind.
The children are now so busy with their lives and grandchildren of their on.The Bennie has been sick again  but got him to the doctor in time and his fever broke last night  
He is feeling better this morning. Gods mercies are new every day.


L. D. said...

Get well soon Bennie. My wife caught something that did last a while and fevers came and went. The quilt will look great but oh what a lot of work that will be.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is going to be lovely and is a good project for the colder months coming up.

So sorry Bennie has been sick. May God bless.

Lynda said...

I like the quilt a LOT! We will look forward to its progress. So glad Bennie went to the doctor. We all realize that you don't play around with anything at our ages. I know you all don't want a repeat of his hospitalizations. That was a scarey time.

Marie said...

Glad Bennie is better! LOVE your grandmother's flower garden start! I am so glad you started this second blog!

Dolly said...

Oh, I just love this new project. Such pretty little flowers ! I've only made a baby-sized Grandmother's flower garden type of quilt, but it was fun working with English paper piecing, and I enjoyed the project.