Saturday, October 11, 2014

Watch Your Step!

Rejoice, rejoice, ye sons of iniquity,
And enjoy yourselves while you can;
For the time is not long in coming
When you'll rue all the courses you ran.
You've taken your toll in wrongdoing;
Many chances you've had to do right.
You've let admonition go unheeded,
Just to win by the force of your might.
 But the odds are all stacked against you----
Your penalty is written in the stars,
And if you fail to wake up and listen
You are sure to land behind the bars.
The Great God of Heaven knows you well;
Every road and every step you have taken.
And when He begins your chastisement,
You'll know you are FOREVER forsaken.
 Sense and Nonsense in Poetry
By  Willis L. Tackette


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