Sunday, March 8, 2015

What To Do

The Bennie thinks I should take the quilt to have it machine quilted

  I still need to add the borders and he said ligh green
Then have a darker green for the back and not the other I came up with. It has
 taken me a year to get this far.
What do you think? 


Winifred said...

Have to say I'm no expert. The light green for the border sounds a nice contrast. Not sure about dark green for the back though. Will the dark colour show through & will it wash OK?

Is it to match specific colours in a bedroom? There are lots of lovely colours in that quilt, it looks great.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty, Patsy. I believe light green would be lovely as the border.

Dolly said...

It could be fun to have it finished quickly by someone else and thus be able to enjoy it really soon ! Light green borders sounds beautiful.....very 'garden-y'.

I agree with the comment about being sure that the back won't show through all that white on your top surface.