Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Something A much Younger Person Said

to me today, we were at the garden center looking for a plant.
I was asking her advice about how large the plant would get.
She said let me show you a large one in my yard. When we
got to it she said this plant is ten years old. I said no I don't
think I will be where I am now in ten years. She said well where
are you going to be in ten years? Then she looked at me
and  ask how old are you.
Like a nut I told her. She said sorry to say but you most likely
want be around then so we need to found a plant you can enjoy now.
It didn't make me mad or sad because it is most likely true.
But people just have no tack now and will say any thing that
comes to their mind.
would you have said that to a older person ? Just asking!
Blue Sky and a very old Oak Tree


Anonymous said...

That was not nice of her. Each day is a gift from the Lord and none of us know how long we will be here. It seems that employers don't give their employees any training or customer service skills at all....so sorry about this, Patsy.

L. D. said...

I find there are so many people out there that do not have any filter for their thoughts or mouth. None of us are trying to set up people to make bad comments but one should know not to say things that will hurt someones feelings.