Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gene Stratton- Porter (1863-1924)
was an American author, amateur naturalist, wildlife photographer, and one of the earliest women to form a movie studio and production company. She wrote some of the best selling novels and well- received columns in magazines of the day.
She also wrote (The girl of Limberlost) and I will read more of her books.Laddie, A true blue story---
Part of the Indiana Classics 0f the 1900's
"I 'd been sick enough to know that I'd better be thankful for a chance to sit on the fence, and think about buttercups and daisies. Really, one old brown and purple skunk cabbage with a half frozen bee buzzing over it, or a few forlorn little spring beauties, would have set me wild, and when a lark really did go over, away up high, and a dove began to coo in the orchard, if Laddie hadn't come for me , I would have fallen from the fence."

(From the e-reader store 1.99)
I enjoyed this book very much.


Charlene said...

Hi Patsy,

I just finished reading "A Prisoner of Birth" by Jeffrey Archer. It is a mystery and I really enjoyed the book. A friend loaned the book to me. Happy Reading

Maggie Ann said...

Patsy, what a delight of a book cover! I have read this long ago and LOVE G.S.Porter's writings. We have most of them but ours our not in good condition anymore...they are aging along with me.

I was so excited to hear back from Laura Frantz! I never expected that! I think she answers each person that leaves her a comment...on her blog for sure it looks like. I'm glad you added her to your Blog List too.

Maggie Ann said...

whoops...just thought of something. I see you bought Laddie from the e-reader store. Did that beautiful cover come with the book....or any artist illustrations? Everything I've downloaded from Amazon for my itouch Kindle app. has had no illustrations...well, except for children's storys like Peter Rabbit etc.