Friday, July 10, 2015

Go Set A Watchman

Have you heard about the new book that they found of
Harper Lee's? Read first about the suspicion about the book.

I think I will wait to see what happens and the reviews
before I get the book.
What do you thank?


Simply Linda said...

I will have to look into it, I saw it on the news, but really wasn't paying attention. Thanks Patsy, I will read more on it. Blessings

Z said...

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is my VERY favorite film; I think it's perfect in all ways. I have about 200 second favorite films, so that critique says a lot!
I'm SO eager to read this new one but will wait til I read enough reviews before I spend any money on it!

Patsy, I came over here to tell you I have all the KEEPING UP APPEARANCE DVDs in a boxed set and wish I could send them to you (Saw you at Sparky's!). I LOVE THAT show, too!
Blessings! Z

Z said...
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