Monday, July 27, 2015

I Have To Get Back

to this quilt, it is big and I said I was not going to make big quilts any more.
Should have sent it out to have it quilted, like the Bennie said'
Not happy with the green color on it, but to late to tear it off.
I have one more quilt ready to make the Grandmother Flower
Garden. I will make two lap quilts out of it.
 What has slowed me down is pain in my right hand
I have had arthritis in my back for some time from a horse
fall back in the late 1980's. That is why I had to give up my job.
back in 2005 couldn't stand up long with out pain.
Now it is in my neck could that be why it is now in my hand?
My doctor just would not do much about it. Then I found out
I could not just make appointment with a Rheumatology doctor.
My doctor had to do a  referral then the rheumatologist  had to
think about taking me as a patient???
So that was months ago and out of the blue I get a letter saying
I have an appointment on Nov.24 2015 with the kind Rheumatologist. 
Medicare has changed  the rules for old people 70 and over. 
Like they say I should have taken the pill when I hit 70????
(Yes I am being sarcastic)


L. D. said...

People laughed when the taking a pill comment was joked about. It really is true. They want to stop taking care of us at a certain time. I need to get to a doctor for my left hand. I guess I need to start the process of going from doctor to doctor. I hope you can get in soon.

Simply Linda said...

Oh sweet husband is on Medicare and what his Neurologist told us about the state of Medicare and Obamacare....just plum scary (he was dropped from the Neurologist due to Medicare not paying enough)...praying all goes well in Nov., please keep us updated.

As for the quilt, I love it!!!! Blessings

Anonymous said...

I do hope the Nov. Dr. Appt. will yield you some comfort from the pain. I love your quilts.

Maggie Ann said...

I hope the appt. goes well and he helps you be pain free.