Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Flight
By Mary R. Kowal
A science fiction fantasy
'Time Travel Society"
"It ensures that your future trips to my past are without incident,
and also will let my children know precisely when your first trip takes place in your present."
This was a short story just wish there had been more.
This was a free book from the E-Reader Store.
I will have to say I did not like this book, it was about murder at a Christmas Parade.
This was my first time to read a Donna Andrews book.
This book was a free one from E-Reader Store.

One of "The Mitford Series Books"
I did buy this book for 12.00 from the E-Reader StoreI wish these books will never end.

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Gigi Ann said...

'First Flight" sounds like a fun read. I am not familiar with Jan Karon books, I will have to google them and read some of the review. Thanks for sharing. It looks like you are enjoying your E-reader. Have a happy reading day.