Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The Hours After"
By Gerda Weissmann Klein and Kurt Klein
"These letters speak to the healing powers of love"
Germany May 7, 1945
This book was on a sell table 5.00
I liked reading this book it told so much about love and freedom.

Author Vince Flynn
His most exhilarating political thriller's to date, a pulse-pounding tale of espionage, covert
intelligence, and counter terrorism.
We read all of his books and "American Assassin" was his last book,
we are looking for his next book to come out.


Gigi Ann said...

The first book sounds like a nice one I think I would like. However, I am not a suspense/thriller reader, I will leave those for you. ; )

Lynda said...

We have her first book in our library but I have not read it yet. I do enjoy WW2 biographies and am still amazed at the fortitude of the prisoners.