Friday, February 25, 2011

"The Girl of The Limberlost"
By Gene Stratton Porter
Where in Elnora Comstock who collects moths to pay for her
education and lives the Golden Rule.
This is from childhood to adult and a book of many characters and life.
I did enjoy this book and think you will.
This book is from e-reader story cost $0.99
"Half Broke Horses"
By Jeannette Walls
Author's note's "I wrote this story in the first person because I wanted to capture lily's distinctive voice, which I clearly recall. At the time I didn't think of the book as fiction."
I liked this book very much.
From the e-reader store $ 9.99
Have a good day and read more life is short.


Gigi Ann said...

I read Half Broke Horses in January, and enjoyed it. I haven't heard of the other one. I am glad you are enjoying your ereader. Right now all my books are at me fingertips on my bookshelves here in My Reading Corner. Maybe if I ever get all of them read, than I may invest in an ereader. They sound like fun to have.

Patsy said...

One thing about the e-reader The Bennie can't fuss about moving box's of books

Lynda said...

You are really enjoying the e-reader, aren't you? Our library is trying to figure out how to get the books to download but I fear the software may be cost-prohibitive.

Gigi Ann said...

A few months ago we moved a few boxes of books to the garage to store them. I know what you mean about the fuss of moving books. ; )

Maggie Ann said...

I have always loved 'The Girl of the Limberlost' Its a wonderful story.